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The majority of the clinical sites competing for sponsor trial opportunities routinely waste time, money and energy trying to win new business. Instead of capitalizing on and promoting their unique strengths and identifying opportunities that match their capabilities, too often clinical trial site operators spend the majority of their time going after unwinnable opportunities. This continuous cycle of reinvention results in inefficient, disorganized and underperforming operations.

Studies show that the most effective and profitable clinical sites routinely evaluate and conduct annual training programs for their entire staff. Moreover, today both Sponsors and external regulating bodies (FDA) require and expect annual staff training with complete documentation. Which is just one reason that it is essential that you have the right tools and the right resources to help you meet evolving requirements.

The ClinPharm Network can provide your organization with the people and processes you need to meet your specific needs—whether “protocol-specific” or general facility/practice—for research teams at all types of clinical sites. ClinPharm Network, Inc. utilizes experienced GCP auditors who have extensive experience in conducting single and multiple facility GCP audits for both domestic and international organizations. In addition, the ClinPharm Network, Inc. team routinely conducts GCP training seminars designed to help cultivate expertise among staff interested in conducting clinical research in accordance to strict GCP guidelines. In addition to the GCP training, ClinPharm Network, Inc. also offers customized annual training plans for your clinical site.

ClinPharm Network, Inc. also creates customized training and documentation processes that are based on your facilities specific requirements. ClinPharm Network, Inc. also can provide on-site training that covers GCP, SOP, and FDA Audit Preparation. Finally, ClinPharm Network, Inc. can work with your staff to document all training; especially facility/practice based training that is not trial specific.

Please contact us today to learn how we can assist you with customized staff training and documentation management.

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